card for ww clients

We are able to provide all kinds of cards from the most basic plastic cards to the most advanced smartcards.

Our complete product line covers a wide range of technologies (memory, microprocessor and Contactless chips), materials (plastic, paper, wood), form factors, security features, packaging, etc…

Our service can help you to define, develop and personalize the product. Each Sector finds the smart way through Azugroup’s portfolio. Capable of addressing any demands from telecoms, banking, government, transport, health, commercial, retail or corporate markets, Azugroup builds the perfect solution tailored to your requirements.

Azugroup has seen expansive growth throughout the world since its creation. We now operate on all continents and in several countries, providing solutions for a wide range of customers. Our local presence through sales offices and an experienced partner network has firmly positioned us Worldwide. Our rapid growth and solid reputation are proof of our commitment to excellence.