We are able to previde all kinds of cards from the most basic plastic cards to the most advanced smartcards. Our complete product line covers a wide range of technologies (memory, microprocessor and contactless chips), materials (plastic, paper, wood), form factors, security features, packaging, etc … Our service con help you to define, develop and personalize the product. Each sector finds the smart way through Azugroup’s portfolio. Capable of addressing any demands from telecoms, banking, government, transport, health, commerciai, retail or corporate markets, Azugroup builds the perfect solution tailored to your requirements. Azugroup has seen expansive growth throughout the world since its crea­tion. We now operate on all continents and in several countries, providing solutions for a wide range of customers. Our local presence through sales offices and on experienced partner network has firmly positioned us worldwide. Our rapid growth and solid reputation are proof of our commit­ment to excellence.



Azugroup helps you design your loyalty program. You choose whether your loyalty card should include a payment function or whether it should be a pure bonus system, and we previde the system components: Azugroup sources personalization and loyalty systems and card terminals for the point of sale, and gives your loyalty cards on individuai design. Yet above all we help you design and introduce your card-based loyalty system, propose campaign ideas and implement the technical solution. Azugroup offers a comprehensive range of products and services for the introduction and operation of successful loyalty systems that are scalable and flexible. We are your implementation partners for the introduction and operation of chip card based loyalty systems. Benefit from our knowledge and the high acceptance of our flexible products and solutions.


Gift vouchers in credit card format are among the most popular gifts. Re­nowned brands and department stores use this attractive marketing tool and increase both recognition and sales. A current trend is to combine the aims of the system with the values of their company. INDIVIDUAL PACKAGING A gift is only complete if the wrapping is perfect. To help you make a good impression with your gift cards, we offer great selection of packaging solu­tions and designs. You want to add a persona! touch to your gift card product? We have a variety of options for including individuai greetings, mailings and marketing materiai.

Azugroup has on experience’s background which offers innovative gift card programmes that include the following services: Conception and marketing consulting

Production of storage that con be loaded with individuai amounts Individuai card and packaging design

Card management system for customer and transaction data management Fulfilment, lettershopping and mailing services


Personalization system




Contactless chip cards, tickets or tags are based on transponder technology and offer flexible data transmission between data carrier and reader. Large amounts of data can be securely stored on the chip inside the plastic carrier. Communication between card and reader takes piace via electromagnetic waves. You have the choice between low-frequency transmission with 125 kHz and high-frequency transmission with 13.56 MHz, hybrid or UHF. OUR PRODUCT RANGE CONTACTLESS ISO CARDS

Contactless cards according to the ISO 781 6 standard format

Printing: offset, silk-screen, thermal transfer

lnk jet or laser engraving

Enoding and personalization on request

Materiai: laminateci PVC, glossy

Optional magnetic stripe

Available technologies: NXP Mifare, Legic, STM EM FUDAN, TI KEYTAGS

Large selection of materials, colours and formats

A vailable with logo

Coding and personalization on request

Technology: 125kHz , 13.56 MHz, UHF SPECIAL TAGS

Large selection of various contactless tags

Materiai: large percentage of metal with high temperature resistance

Special application fields: laundries, animai 1dentification/tagging

Many colours and formats

A vailable with logo

Technology: 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz and UHF STICKER AN D LA BEL

A vailable with logo and printing

Coding and personalization on request PERSONALIZATION SYSTEMS

High performance and compact desktop card personalization systems